Youtube Monetization and Management Pricing

At Monetize Myanmar, we understand the importance of effective YouTube channel monetization and management to help you achieve your business goals. We offer reliable pricing options that are tailored to fit your needs, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Pricing Plans

Select your monetization plans to maximize your YouTube earnings.



10% Of Revenue

  • ID Verification ( Managed by MonetizeMyanmar)
  • PIN Verification ( Managed by MonetizeMyanmar)
  • Payment Solution
  • Basic Youtube SEO Service
  • MonetizeMyanmar Premium Content Access
  • Limited Support
  • Premium Stock Audio/Video Access
  • ClaimGuard ( Content ID ) Service
  • Copyright Issue Fix/Solve
  • Legal and Tax Compliance Service
  • Strategy Consulting


Best for Professional Content Creator

15% Of Revenue

  • ID Verification ( Managed by MonetizeMyanmar)
  • PIN Verification ( Managed by MonetizeMyanmar)
  • Payment Solution
  • Advanced Youtube SEO Service
  • Premium Stock Audio/Video Access
  • MonetizeMyanmar Premium Content Access
  • ClaimGuard ( Content ID ) Service
  • Copyright Issue Fix/Solve
  • Legal and Tax Compliance Service
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Premium Direct Support

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

ID & PIN verification

MonetizeMyanmar handles both the ID and PIN verification processes, so creators do not need to take any action.

Is it dedicated Adsense account?

We no longer support dedicated AdSense accounts, and we only provide managed AdSense accounts ourselves.

How about the payment?

Once we receive the deposit from Google Adsense Payment, we will exchange it at market price and then make payments to our clients via KBZ Banking, KPay, or CB Banking.

Can you tell me about YouTube SEO Services?

Our YouTube SEO services are designed to help content creators improve their visibility and reach on YouTube.¬†Our service includes comprehensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for each client’s niche and audience. We then use these keywords to optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails to increase visibility and clicks.

Our team regularly analyzes engagement metrics such as likes, dislikes, comments, and watch time to understand how viewers are interacting with the content and identify areas for improvement. We also conduct competitor analysis to see what is working for other channels in the same niche and identify potential opportunities for growth.

What is MonetizeMyanmar premium content access?

MonetizeMyanmar has partnered with MyanmarEndUser to provide premium content related to monetization, content creation, and YouTube-related tips and tricks. MyanmarEndUser is a reputable website that provides quality content on a variety of topics, including technology, education, lifestyle, and business.

Through this partnership, MonetizeMyanmar is able to offer exclusive access to MyanmarEndUser’s premium content on monetization and content creation to our subscribed members. The premium content is written by MyanmarEndUser’s team of experienced professionals and industry experts, who provide in-depth knowledge and insights on YouTube monetization and content creation.

What is MonetizeMyanmar's Premium Stock Video/Audio subscription service?

To access our premium stock video and audio content, you will need to subscribe to our ‘Pro’ plan. Once you have subscribed to the ‘Pro’ plan, you will have access to all of our premium content, which you can download and use in your videos. Our subscription service is designed to be user-friendly, with simple and intuitive navigation and easy download options.

"Is there a limit to the number of channels or the usage of the content?

No, you are not permitted to use MonetizeMyanmar’s stock video/audio content on unregistered YouTube channels. Our restricted usage policy limits the usage of our stock content to registered YouTube channels only.

What is MonetizeMyanmar's ContentGuard service?

MonetizeMyanmar’s ContentGuard service is a content identification and management service designed to help content creators protect their intellectual property on YouTube. The service uses advanced content recognition technology to identify and manage content that is being used without permission or proper attribution.

ContentGuard can help content creators monetize their content by identifying videos that contain their owned content and enabling them to claim revenue generated by ads that appear on those videos. This can help content creators maximize their earnings from their owned content.

How does MonetizeMyanmar's copyright check and fix service work?

MonetizeMyanmar can help content creators fix copyright issues by providing guidance and support to navigate the copyright infringement process. This includes helping content creators file copyright takedown notices, identifying and contacting the individuals or organizations responsible for the infringement, and resolving any disputes that arise.

What is MonetizeMyanmar's Legal and Tax Compliance Service for content creators?

MonetizeMyanmar’s Legal and Tax Compliance Service is designed to help content creators comply with legal and tax regulations related to their monetization activities on YouTube. This service provides guidance and support to help content creators navigate complex legal and tax requirements and avoid potential legal or financial issues.

How does MonetizeMyanmar's Strategy Consulting service work?

MonetizeMyanmar’s Strategy Consulting service works by providing personalized guidance and support to content creators. This includes an initial assessment of the content creator’s current monetization strategy, identification of areas for improvement, and development of a customized strategy to optimize monetization activities.

How is MonetizeMyanmar's Premium Support service different from other support services?

MonetizeMyanmar’s Premium Support service is different from other support services in that it provides personalized and dedicated support to each content creator. Our team of experts takes the time to understand each content creator’s unique needs and challenges and provides customized solutions and guidance to help them achieve their monetization goals.